Study in Canada Fairs and Festivals
General Information for Exhibitors:



It is important to note the following points related to the Fairs and Festivals:
1) Interest in Study in Canada in Japan is very high;
2) CEA Study in Canada Fairs and Festivals have a long history of success;
3) As the U.S. is becoming more difficult for Japanese students to access, Canadian institutions have an excellent opportunity to increase their numbers but visibility and effort are required;
4) The CEA Fairs and Festivals will be completely open: prospective students will not required to register in advance and Study Abroad and Travel agents are welcome to attend;
5) CEA will work in close cooperation with the Canadian Embassy, Canadian Consulates and offices in Japan,  the Canadian Tourism Commission and other partners to host and promote these Fairs and Festivals;
6) Exhibiting Canadian institutions and schools are welcome to use local representatives and alumni assist with the booths at the Fairs and Festivals;
7) Exhibiting institutions can sign students up on the spot at the Fairs and Festivals without restriction;
8) All possible efforts are made to promote the Fairs and Festivals with the cooperation of the above-mentioned partners, targeted direct marketing, high profile media promotions and effective use of leading web sites and e-mail magazines;
9) These Fairs and Festivals are being designed to actively promote the "Best of Canadian Education."
10) CEA and its staff will be available to assist as required and will do everything possible to make the Fairs and Festivals successful.


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